Trade Conference, Entertainment Zone, and more

The Day 2 of gamescom asia 2023 on the 20th of October went on to be another spectacle for the fans and attendees all around the world and had plenty on offer. From the Trade Conference to the inaugural Content Creators Summit and kick start of CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023 Offline Premier to a fantastic hip-hop performance, there were exciting events that the fans were part of. Let us look in depth at what the gamescom asia 2023 Day 2 presented.

Trade Conference

The Trade Conference wrapped up its second day with a series of engaging talks and panel discussions. The event commenced with an opening address delivered by the Guest of Honor, Mr. Alvin Tan, who holds positions in both the Ministry of State for Culture, Community and Youth and the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore.

ga2023 - Trade Conference - 'League of Legends' One Global Team
Image via gamescom asia

The day’s sessions covered a diverse range of topics, starting with Neopets Renaissance: The Power of Community and Nostalgia in an IP Gold Mine. The conference then shone a spotlight on the spy-thriller title Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty with a Welcome to Dogtown: A Showcase of Dogtown’s Environment Art & World Building session. Attendees also explored the theme of Meeting Fan’s Expectations for Dying Light 2: Stay Human: Presumption vs. Reality and delved into the session of Designing Cauldrons for Horizon Forbidden West.

Additionally, the event featured notable speakers from various renowned names in the gaming industry such as Riot Games, Nodding Head Games, Electronic Arts, Focus Entertainment, and Spiral Up Games.

Content Creators Summit

The first-ever Content Creators Summit made a significant introduction at gamescom asia, offering attendees a rich opportunity to learn and connect in the dynamic world of content creation. The effort was to provide a collaborative platform for content creators and industry experts to share valuable insights into the evolving landscape of content creation.

ga2023 - Content Creators Summit - Building Effective Gaming Partnerships
Image via gamescom asia

The summit featured a diverse array of talks, including discussions on the journey of viral videos and success on TikTok, the importance of building effective gaming partnerships through brand-creator-agency synergy, exploring new realms of creativity transitioning from cosplay to content creation, and delving into the science of streaming.

CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023 Offline Premier

ga2023 - Capcom Pro Tour
Image via gamescom asia

Day 2 saw competitors hailing from various regions come together today to showcase their skills in the action title Street Fighter 6 at the CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023 Offline Premier. This intense tournament unfolds over a span of three days, commencing on October 20th and concluding on October 22nd. The event boasts a generous prize pool of $37,000 USD.

Entertainment Zone

Today marked the exciting opening of the B2C Entertainment Zone, offering a special preview exclusively for SuperFan ticket holders. Spanning three halls, visitors had the chance to immerse themselves in a world of gaming with hands-on game demos and the opportunity to enjoy video and analog games from both triple AAA and Indie publishers.

ga2023 - Entertainment Zone - Visitors trying out games at the Arc System Works booth
Image via gamescom asia

Some of the key highlights include:

  • Video game demos presented by esteemed publishers such as CAPCOM, 4Divinity, Epicsoft Asia, PlayStation, Sega, and Ubisoft.
  • A wide selection of over 30 games from studios worldwide at the Indie Wavemakers area.
  • An extensive collection of over 100 curated board games from The Asian Board Game Festival board game library, showcasing the latest games from Singaporean game publisher Origame and other independent Asian board game studios in the Board Games Zone.
  • A nostalgic journey with classic games on custom retrocades at Retrocity’s Retro Games Zone.

The day concluded with an Official Networking Reception at the Food Garage, where SuperFans were treated to a performance by the hip-hop quintet, PLAYERTWO.

That is all from day 2 of gamescom asia 2023. Two more days are to be followed in the event, which we will see in the coming days.

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