The Best Mobile Games For iOS And Android

Browsing games on any app store may yield three kinds of results: blatant timewasters, promising games overrun by microtransactions, and the occasional mobile gaming gem. With all these games, it may be hard for you to decide what to download. Fortunately, we are here to help you with this.



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In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the best mobile games that you can play on iOS and Android today. These games cover many different genre types. Many of these games are free as well, allowing you to head to your device’s app store and download one right now!

Updated October 21, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: Can’t get enough of mobile gaming? We’ve added even more games that you can play on your phone. With plenty of options to choose from, we’re sure that you will find the game of your dreams!

Cat Quest 2

cat quest 2 exploration in overworld map with cat and dog companions

Cat Quest 2, as you might guess, is the follow-up to the beloved “meow-vellous” action RPG, Cat Quest. Cat Quest 2 picks up where the original game left off, with your cat adventurer, along with a dog companion, off to save the day in the lands of Felingard and the Lupus Empire.

Cat Quest 2 is a super vibrant RPG that can be played solo or with another player alongside the journey. You are able to pick up a bounty of quests, fill your coffers with loot, and, of course, defeat a host of cartoony baddies, all while trying to save the day. Cat Quest 2 is incredibly polished and just a lot of fun.

Dead Cells

Cover art for Dead Cells

Dead Cells

PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Android, iOS

May 17, 2017

Motion Twin

Dead Cells will give your mobile device an action game for the ages. The “Metroidvania” gameplay has plenty of depth, while still maintaining the addictive accessibility that makes you want to pick it up again and again.

Dead Cells has players fight through a dungeon with gruelingly combat, upgrading and unlocking new abilities with every death. Each new life comes with a new dungeon, and because of the game’s challenging difficulty, you’ll always want to come back for another run.


alex, clarissa, and jonas argue in radio tower as nona stands outside the balcony


Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

January 15, 2015

Night School Studio

If you haven’t played Oxenfree yet in the many years that it has been out, give it a download and kick yourself later. This story-driven indie darling is atmospheric and cinematic, and not enough people have given it a try.

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You play as Alex, a teen caught up in a supernatural mystery on a spooky island. The game consists of exploration and dynamic dialogue, where the player can have free-flow conversations with other characters. If you enjoy coming-of-age stories and have the time (a very long commute, per se), try Oxenfree and experience the mystery for yourself.

Alto’s Odyssey

altos odyssey

Dozens of games are similar to Alto’s Odyssey, but none of them are quite as compelling. This relaxing endless runner has players snowboarding down gorgeous, ambient vistas while providing enough gameplay variety for every kind of player.

There are plenty of goals to work towards and mechanics that shake up the gameplay, but it also allows for totally endless playing. It’s simple, pretty, and satisfying on any level you’re willing to engage with it. If you play mobile games for simple, relaxing fun, then this one is for you.

Monument Valley 2

monument valley 2 title screen with ro at the top of the castle stairs

With no shortage of puzzle games on mobile storefronts, Monument Valley and its sequel are some of the most unique experiences in the genre. You must guide the protagonists from one end of the level to the other — simple in concept. However, every level is like a living M.C. Escher piece, full of optical illusions that can be difficult to navigate.

Navigating these mazes makes for a fun brain teaser, and the game’s presentation only adds to the experience. It’s all so pretty… and confusing. The series is definitely worth checking out if mobile puzzle games are starting to feel the same.

Shadowgun Legends

a wide shot from Shadowgun Legends of armoured soldiers shooting from atop a platform at advancing robots in a sci-fi setting

If you put every looter-shooter in a blender and garnish it with Halo, Destiny, and Fortnite, then you’d get Shadowgun Legends. It might seem obnoxious at first, with text boxes and ads for premium currency flooding your screen, but it has everything shooter fans might want.

It has single-player quests, co-op, PvP, surprisingly impressive graphics, and gameplay that manages to feel satisfying on mobile. It definitely has a lifespan for players who are unwilling to shell out actual dollars for premium cash (as most of these do), but the progression system showers players in enough loot to keep them coming back anyway.


VR Gameplay Of SpaceTeam VR Showing Players Dancing Together In A Spaceship

Of course, some of the most popular mobile games are the ones you play with the people around you. Instead of recommending a reliable game of headbands or charades, you might want to try Spaceteam. It’s pretty old, but it is still one of the best party games on mobile devices.

Once all participants have downloaded the game, they can engage in some of the silliest cooperative experiences they will ever have. Spaceteam has players commandeer a spaceship, with each player manning ridiculously named controls. The only way to keep things running smoothly is to call out commands to the rest of your team.


Gris is a puzzle-platformer with the aesthetics of a hand-drawn animated film. The narrative is open to interpretation, but the gameplay follows a girl named Gris as she navigates surreal watercolor environments.

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There are plenty of great platformers on mobile devices, but Gris is a standout for its stellar sound and animation. Put some headphones on, immerse yourself, and let Gris wash over you. It’s a game that will stick with you, which is increasingly hard to find on the mobile market.

Pokemon GO

Togepi, Magby, and Wynaut standing in front of Eggs with the Pokemon Go logo above them

Pokémon GO

iOS, Android

July 6, 2016

Niantic, The Pokemon Company

Say what you want — Pokemon GO was an inherently great concept when it first launched, and the game has only improved since. It’s the closest thing fans of the series will ever get to an authentic mobile experience, and it encourages healthy physical activity and urban exploration.

With new Pokemon, community events, and several additional features, the game is objectively better than when it started and — despite its obnoxious popularity — is still a solid mobile game.

Pocket City

In-game screenshot of pocket city

Plenty of city builders and “idle” games flood app stores week to week. While most of them are just vehicles for advertisements and microtransactions, Pocket City is probably the closest thing to a proper Tycoon game on mobile that won’t waste your time; it’s a micromanager’s dream come true.

You won’t have to worry about premium currency or arbitrary build times. Simply build your city, manage your economy, and create without the constant annoyances featured in similar mobile titles. It doesn’t necessarily have the depth of a PC copy of Sim City, but it feels perfectly downsized for a satisfying experience on your phone or tablet.


Transistor artwork featuring Red and the sword


PS4, Switch, PC, iOS

May 20, 2014

Supergiant Games

Transistor is a beautiful game brought to us by Supergiant Games, who are known for their top-notch games. In Transistor, you play as Red, a once-famous singer. The story isn’t too clear at first, but as the game progresses, the world will unfold around you.

The game has smooth real-time combat, but in an interesting twist, you can also pause battle to plan your next moves. In the end, you may even be left with a tear or two. If you are a fan of Supergiant Games, you’re in luck! You can also play Pyre, Bastion, and Hades.


A screenshot showing gameplay in Fantasian where the characters fight an enemy


iOS, macOS

April 2, 2021


Fantasian is an Apple Arcade-exclusive JRPG that really blows other mobile RPGs out of the water. Since it’s only on Apple Arcade, you won’t encounter any microtransactions to ruin the immersion.

If you are a fan of Final Fantasy games, then Fantasian is right up your alley. The mobile game was developed by Mistwalker Corporation, which was founded by Hironobu Sakaguchi, who happens to have created Final Fantasy. Additionally, the music for the game was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who also composed music for the series.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift Champion Select Loadout stream Jinx Ahri Master Yi Bruam Garen

League of Legends needs no introduction. If you are a fan of the game, then you probably know about Wild Rift, which is essentially a mobile version of the game. Based on this, it would make sense that they are pretty similar.

Interestingly, Wild Rift was rebuilt from the ground up. The original League of Legends couldn’t be implemented on mobile, so Wild Rift was rebuilt. Overall, the game is still free and fun, making it a must-have for all fans of the original.

Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap in-game screenshot

Marvel SNAP

PC, Mobile

October 18, 2022

Second Dinner

Marvel Snap is a unique card game that allows you to face off against other players with a hefty roster of Marvel characters. In each match, you will have six turns to place cards in three different locations. Your goal is to control the majority of the spaces, but this is easier said than done.

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Many cards have abilities, such as destroying all other cards or placing rocks on every other location. Additionally, the location types change between every game, giving you endless hours of gameplay. Marvel Snap draws from the comics, so if you are an avid fan, you will recognize tons of characters who have yet to appear in the MCU.

Among Us

Crewmate Screen From Among Us Mobile Informing The Player Of 3 Imposters

Among Us

PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S

June 5, 2018


Chances are, you know what Among Us is. This game took the world by storm when it was first launched, making it a great game for groups of friends. This worldwide hit is also available on mobile for free.

Now, you can play Among Us with friends while on the go. Thankfully, this mobile version of Among Us is also cross-platform, allowing you to play with others even if they just have it on PC.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Farm With Crops And A House

Stardew Valley

PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, Android, PS Vita

February 26, 2016


At this point, Stardew Valley is practically a household name. This charming farm life simulator hit the gaming scene in 2016, and has since spread across different platforms. Now, you can tend your farm and live life in the valley, right from your phone.

Developer ConcernedApe ensures that mobile players will have the same experience as those playing on other platforms. Updates are a bit behind, but this is, by no means, a ‘lite’ version of the game.


hoplite gameplay

Hoplite is a turn-based strategy game that takes place on a hexagonal battleground. Rather than just charging forward, you will need to think critically as you proceed through this procedurally generated, roguelike game.

There is more than meets the eye with Hoplite; with a learning curve, you will most likely die some tragic deaths before fully getting the hang of things. Overall, you can expect some great replayability from Hoplite.

Genshin Impact

An image Dehya Genshin Impact standing with her great sword in the desert.

Genshin Impact

Mobile, iOS, Android, PC, PS4, PS5

September 28, 2020

HoYoverse (Formerly miHoYo)

Genshin Impact brings us to the world of Teyvat, where you can summon various characters to fight alongside you. Unlike most mobile gacha games, Genshin Impact has an open-world feel, with a vast land for you to wander around.

The game also features cross-saving. This means that you can play on your PC, and then open the game on your phone and your progress will remain the same. This gives you the flexibility to play from anywhere.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra Demacia

Legends of Runeterra is a card game drawing inspiration from League of Legends. If you are familiar with other card-collecting games, this is similar to how Hearthstone is based on the World of Warcraft universe.

The game has only been around since April 2020, but it has made waves in the gaming world. Legends of Runeterra is easily accessible to many people and has stunning artwork. Although there are in-app purchases, you can play and succeed without spending any money.

20 Minutes Till Dawn

Luna with Grenade Launcher shooting explosives in a bunch of enemies trapped in her Black Hole ability

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a bullet-hell roguelike game, with play sessions that last around 20 minutes. In this time, you will need to slice through hordes of monsters and come out victorious. You can choose from several different characters and upgrades as well, making each run unique.

If you manage to survive for a long time, your game will become increasingly more chaotic, with enemies coming at you from every angle. There are currently two versions of 20 Minutes Till Dawn, with one being free and one costing money. Don’t worry though, the free version is still filled with content.

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