Swedish woman who spent $200,000 to become Barbie ‘removes’ tattoos

A Swedish woman who spent close to $200,000 to become a “plastic bimbo” has claimed to have had her tattoos – including a large neck piece – removed.

Alicia Almira, 31, has been trying to drastically change her appearance over the past decade. She has had multiple procedures such as fillers, Botox, two breast implants and rhinoplasty.

Ms Almira ditched her job in public relations to move to the UK countryside in a bid to pursue her dream of becoming a “plastic bimbo”.

But, Ms Almira, who is known for her risqué photos on social media, recently claimed to have removed her tattoos.

Previous social media images from Ms Almira show she had tattoos on her neck, arms, sternum, hands, upper thighs and her ankles.

However, recent pictures show the tattoos have now completely vanished, causing a stir online.

“I removed all my tattoos & it turns out I’m even more plastic looking than we already knew and I LOVE IT,” she said.

She showed off the transformation in a tiny pink bikini top with “Barbie” written on it, a hot pink mini tennis skirt and a hip chain with “bimbo” written on it.

It is unclear if Ms Almira had her tattoos professionally removed with laser treatments or if she used makeup to cover up her ink.

However, fans were stunned. One said she looked “absolutely stunning”.

Another said: “OMG it does look extra Barbie”.

“Perfect. Better than before. Gorgeous decision! You are a wonderful Barbie Princess,” one social media user commented.

“Wow you really look like a doll,” another said.

One social media user said: “So beautiful babe! Definitely a perfect Barbie.”

“Without tattoos more barbie than ever,” another said.

Ms Almira recently shared her reviews on feminism, saying she doesn’t agree “we should be completely equal”.

“I believe that a woman’s roles is to please her man and be the best ‘trophy wife’ possible,” she told Truly.

“The ideal look that I want to achieve is the most plastic, fantastic, over-enhanced, sexual [look].”

She said she is often shamed for her appearance and mindset but insists on staying firm, adding that “you cannot shame me if I’m not ashamed.

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