Spider-Man 2 Confirms Insomniac’s Black Cat Is Bisexual

Spider-Man fans who are avid readers of the comics will probably already know that Black Cat, the web-slinger’s ally and occasional love interest, was confirmed to be bisexual a long time ago. It was hinted at even longer ago that Black Cat was bisexual, but it was made explicitly clear in the comic Black Cat #7 that released in 2021, after she locked lips with Thieves Guild leader Odessa Drake.



Black Cat has also been a big part of Insomniac’s run of Spider-Man games, featuring in a DLC expansion in the first game, while having a more prominent role in the recently released Spider-Man 2. Seeing as Insomniac’s version of Black Cat is technically a new character in a different universe, it was unconfirmed as to whether the developer had given her the same sexuality as her comic book counterpart. Thankfully, it seems like it has.

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We’ll keep it light on the details to avoid spoilers, but part ways through Spider-Man 2, we get to hear Black Cat’s motivation as to why she’s doing the things she is. She explains to Miles Morales that she has a girlfriend back in Paris, but that she’s in trouble and needs her help. She follows that up by asking Miles whether he’s ever “done anything for love”. You can watch the scene uploaded to YouTube by ToxicKiri down below.

For all you queer Spider-Man fans out there, you’ll also be pleased to know that this isn’t the only LGBTQ+ representation in Spider-Man 2. Not too far into the game, you’ll be able to play as Miles Morales and take on a side quest for a guy who attends Miles’ university. In this side quest, you’ll need to help out a guy who’s nervous about inviting his boyfriend to homecoming, in what is arguably one of the year’s sweetest and most wholesome side quests.

In other Spider-Man 2 news, now that the game is in the hands of fans, we’re starting to see a whole lot more neat little discoveries and references to other games and movies. For example, Spider-Man 2 has suits that are nods to other Marvel properties, as Miles can wear Blank Panther and Wolverine inspired suits. Not to be outdone, Peter Parker has some cool new suits too, including the much-requested Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit.

There’s also a cheeky nod to a cut Spider-Verse character, which you’ll find when hunting for the game’s new Spider-Verse themed collectibles. Once you copllect them all, you’ll get to meet Delilah, who was originally supposed to be a bartender for The Bar With No Name in Across the Spider-Verse.

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