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Anthony Mundine finally quits SAS Australia for real on Tuesday night in a result we predicted without the help of Tim Robards’ personal psychic.

The pro-boxer has been dramatically packing his bags and threatening an early exit for several days, only to backflip after getting roused on by his mum. Tonight, there’s more tantrums and threats. And by the end, he’s gone. … Maybe? We just don’t know when to believe him anymore.

As Muhammad Ali said: float like a butterfly, flip-flop like a Havaiana.

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The great thing about SAS Australia is that producers cast remarkable people who are at the top of their respective fields. Brought together in this challenging environment, the conversations that emerge are electric. Where else would we hear a former contestant from The Bachelor talking about how he got cast on Neighbours because his psychic told him to ditch his job as a chiropractor and become an actor?

“Yeah, I saw a psychic and he said you’re gonna be acting from now,” Tim Robards tells fellow Neighbours star Zima.

“And I was like, well, holy shit, I better learn how to act properly then. And then the audition for Neighbours came through. And then I got a call back. And the psychic was right — I was working full-time as an actor.”

Nicole Kidman got her start that way, too.

“There’s so many people in the industry that, like, judge people that have come from reality shows,” Zima rolls her eyes. “There’s such a stigma.”

Gasp! Who are these people judging reality stars? The nerve! Some people are so rude.

Anyway, while this insightful conversation plays out, Matthew Mitcham sits nearby, eating a boiled egg while making the same facial expression as us:

When it comes time for the first challenge, Anthony Mundine talks a big game.

“I can be a good communicator, I feel I can … um … be … be … prompt? And … assertive? And … ya know … give … give good instructions,” he tells us, perhaps a little too confidently.

Anthony must be having an off day because, just moments later, his faultless communication skills lead to him accidentally guiding a team member into enemy territory where they’re promptly shot.

There’s only one appropriate way for Anthony to deal with this setback. He throws a tantrum, packs his bags and tells everyone he’s quitting.

“It’s time to go now. I gave it a crack,” he sulks to his co-stars. “I’m ready to go now, yeah. One hundred per cent.”

When he pulled this same stunt last night, the soldiers called the boxer’s mum and she roused on him for being such a baby. Mum isn’t called tonight, but after some words with the soldiers, Anthony backflips again and stays in the competition. He’s the boy who cried voluntary withdrawal. Still, it’s only a matter of time until he threatens to quit again.

In five, four, three, two …

During a beasting drill, Mundine throws in the towel while trying to do push-ups. He rips his recruit number off his arm. Game over. Not even a stern phone call from mum could change his mind.

He might’ve only lasted five days and failed at most of the tasks, but that doesn’t matter. It’s all about the spin you put on it. He insists he’s still the GOAT.

“Doing the tasks, even though I didn’t pass a lot of them, I actually learnt there’s certain things for certain people,” he tells us. “So I’m, like, one of the best athletes ever.”

Yes. And Tim Robards is one of the best actors ever.

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