Real estate agent Aimee Marsh’s new gig after mocking renters

A real estate agent who was sacked after a series of controversial social media comments about renters last month has scored a new gig at a different agency.

Aimee Therese Marsh, who was a top performing agent at Ray White Aspley, near Griffin in Brisbane’s north, was fired in September after she made inappropriate comments in a local Facebook group.

In one of the comments, she branded the people disagreeing with her online as a “disgrace” and “irrelevant”, claiming “half of them don’t even own homes in Griffin. They are tenants”, along with a laughing emoji.

“They probably earn 50k a year and (are) envious of me,” she wrote.

“I pay twice their wage in tax, or I probably pay their Centrelink wages.”

Ms Marsh previously told that her comments were taken out of context and expressed disappointment at “people who are so unhappy they try and bring others down”.

Taking to Instagram, the 30-year-old recently revealed she had landed a new role at Blue Moon Property, based in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

“When you tell all your clients you have quit retirement and back in action, and they text back things that spoke volumes to me,” Ms Marsh, who has joined the company’s sales team, began the post.

“They are why I do what I do. Because although some haven’t even used my services yet, I know they one day will, and have shown me nothing but love and loyalty. I have still changed their lives in other ways and will continue to.

“It’s not always about the income, it’s about helping people and motivating people. Creating lifetime bonds.”

She went on to recite quotes from her local Griffin residents who reportedly told her: “We knew a single incident, would not set you back and ruin everything you have built for so many years. You are resilient, strong, admired, an inspiration to young women, tenacious, you have a go get attitude, you’re persistent, motivated and driven”.

“Find me at my new home. Blue Moon,” she concluded the post.

Blue Moon Property declined to comment when contacted by

Ms Marsh had earlier addressed her social media comments, claiming they were directed at trolls who attacked her in the Facebook group rather than towards Aussie renters.

She said she began being targeted after posting to the group that she sold a house $85,000 above its reserve at an auction.

Speaking with Brisbane radio station B105 last month, she said that despite the outcome of the auction having “nothing to do with me”, people began blaming her for not being able to buy a home.

“It had nothing to do with me – there were two buyers who were battling it out between each other,” she said.

“Unfortunately, that got people off-side who feel like it’s my fault that they can’t get into the housing market because of the prices.

“And then I started becoming the blame for fuel and groceries, and everything else, so the comments that were made were very targeted at me and very rude.”

When she began experiencing hate online, she instinctively lashed out, labelling her critics “nobodies” with low incomes.

Ms Marsh previously told she wasn’t “sorry for telling the truth” but apologised to people “who were offended that were not targeted”.

She added her comments were taken out of context and she was disappointed at “people who are so unhappy they try and bring others down”.

Ms Marsh, who had been with Ray White for two-and-a-half years, admitted she was counselled about her social media use early in her career about how to respond to trolls.

“I was young, immature and had no idea how to respond to conflict,” she said.

When trolls began attacking her, she said she couldn’t contact her managers and claimed she “lacked support” from Ray White.

“I went into defence mode,” she said. “It seems it is okay if they slander you but you can’t fight back.”

She was upset that her position had been terminated but claimed she had been offered ample support from the local business community and was confident she would find another job at the time.

Ray White told Ms Marsh was fired because her views didn’t align with the business’ values, with spokeswoman Alex Tilburyc confirming her employment had been terminated.

“We respect and value each and every one within our community … We apologise to anyone who may have been offended as well as any members within our community if these views have offended,” she said.

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