Neckzilla Rubiel Mosquera breaks neck record in bodybuilding photo

A Columbian bodybuilder has come from nowhere to claim the unofficial record of the widest neck in the lifestyle sport.

Real-life Goliath Rubiel Mosquera, also known as Neckzilla, has earned the title after a recent video measured his neck at a ridiculous 51cm, The Sun reports.

The impressive nape seems to have a life of its own and it is now getting the attention it deserves as the most triumphant head-holder in the fitness world.

Despite the massive size, Rubiel said he doesn’t spend extra time training to make his neck larger.

Neckzilla’s biggest asset has drawn some unwanted attention from fans, some of whom have said its massive size “distracts judges” at bodybuilding competitions.

But his thick neck has earned him internet fame after many were shocked by the sheer size of it.

On Instagram, he shared a video measuring his neck to prove it was thicker than that of Larry Wheels, another bodybuilder.

Measuring in at 20 inches, Rubiel’s neck is five inches thicker than the average male nape.

The Colombian muscle man seems to have embraced his thick neck, however, and often tags his photos with the hashtag “Neckzilla”.

In a recent photo, one fan pointed out that Rubiel’s necklace barely fit around his massive neck.

They said: “That black necklace is hitting its limit!”

Another chimed in: “It’s as big as Hulk’s neck!”

‘Wide neck’ criminal’s mugshot goes viral

Charles “Wide Neck” McDowell shot to fame in 2018 when he was first arrested in Florida, USA, for stalking and withholding child support payments.

McDowell has over a million followers on Instagram and used his newfound fame to join a rap group.

He later went on to record a video with “Daddy Long Neck” – a younger man with a long neck.

In 2020, he released “Neckst Big Thing” which was viewed over 5 million times on YouTube.

In 2018, Escambia County Sheriff’s Office posted his mug on Facebook, which received thousands of hilarious comments.

One wrote: “He’s captured, but his neck is still at LARGE!”

Another said: “Ya’ll come on…he gotta lotta weight on his shoulders.”

Some said he looks like he was transitioning into the Incredible Hulk and quit halfway through.

And the throat puns kept coming.

One joker wrote: Police pulled up like “Put your neck behind your back!”

Another said: “My dude got an Adam’s pineapple.”

The post has had almost 300,000 comments and 250,000 shares.

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