Missouri secretary of state candidate posts bizarre campaign clip

A video that can only be described as “peak America” has been uploaded by a budding politician who is aiming to become Missouri’s new Secretary of State.

Dressed in a riot vest and running shorts, Valentina Gomez can be seen running down a street while reciting one of the strangest campaign slogans seen in some time.

“In America, you can be anything you want. So don’t be weak and gay. Stay f***ing hard,” she said.

The video then cuts to images of the 25-year-old holding a rifle behind an all-American pick-up truck with Lupe Fiasco’s The Show Goes On blasting in the background.

Her campaign web page urges her Republican supporters to help her “defeat the political machine”. The page boasts about her achievements as a young political hopeful who began in real estate.

She reportedly opposes “deception, corruption, and mediocrity” and aims to unlock her state’s potential and “restore power to the people”.

“The fallacy that only age equates to wisdom is debunked by Valentina’s results,” the web page reads.

“At just 24, and anchored by a combination of tangible accomplishments and intangible qualities. Valentina is a woman of intellect and agility who possesses the highest educational qualifications among all candidates having earned an MBA in Finance and Strategy from Tulane University at 22; is responsible for the investment of millions of dollars for business development, and now battling a corrupt political machine with the mission to awaken and unify the people of Missouri against an emergent future filled with darkness and disparity if change is not enacted.

“Valentina makes no apologies for rejecting deception, corruption, and mediocrity. Firmly convinced that with discipline and the valour to confront uncertainty, the realm of the possible knows no bounds. Missourians, the stakes are too high to not get involved in changing policy. Our draconian leadership has been purchased and it is time to remove each one of them from office.

“Together, we’ll create platforms to elevate Missouri’s potential, restore power to the people, and build a state that thrives on unprecedented growth, while preserving our integrity, demanding accountability, and shining a light on transparency. These are not just campaign promises; it’s my commitment to you.”

Gomez has already built a strong presence online, attracting 57,000 followers on X alone. She has posed for photos with celebrities such as UFC President Dana White and has been seen wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in support of former President Donald Trump, who is gunning to reclaim the White House later this year.

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