Karl Stefanovic’s daughter is living her best adult life

Karl Stefanovic’s daughter Willow Stefanovic is living her absolute best adult life.

If there’s one thing none of us seem to be able to resist, it is peeking into the privileged lives of the offspring of the rich and famous.

Willow, 18, is the eldest daughter of Stefanovic and his ex-wife, Cassandra Thorburn. Stefanovic and Thorburn called it quits in 2016, and Stefanovic ultimately moved on and married shoe designer and socialite Jasmine Yarbrough.

Meanwhile, Willow has been living her best nepotism baby life.

She’s fled Australia and is living in London and studying at the respected London College of Fashion. For international students, the fees start at around $44,000.

This isn’t Willow’s first foray into the fashion world; before graduating high school, she’d signed with the modelling agency Precision.

At the time, she told Stellarthat she’s been “drawn” to modelling since she was little and embarking on a career in fashion was a dream come true.

“Dad backs me 100 per cent as long as I’m happy. We all know I didn’t get my fashionista gene from him,” she added.

Willow’s Instagram gives a pretty clear picture of her fabulous life. She spends her time between London, Queensland and Sydney.

She’s pictured with designer handbags, attending music festivals in London and posing in cute selfies.

Her love of fashion shines through primarily via her showing off her fun outfits. She is a fan of a fitted dress, a crop top and a fun pair of jeans.

She’s just like any other Gen Zer experimenting with fashion, just likely with a better budget.

She’s also on TikTok, where she posts videos of her hanging out with her friends or spending time with her younger sister Harper Stefanovic.

Ultimately, Willow’s life looks like any other young woman’s, it’s just that she gets to add an extra dimension of luxury.

She posts selfies just like everyone else, but hers tend to be taken in multimillion-dollar homes.

She shares holiday photos but enjoys international travel, not just heading down to the family’s cabin on the south coast.

She’s heading to University, but her fees cost some people’s yearly wages.

It’s all a vibe.

Please don’t panic, though, because Willow knows that her last name affords her a huge amount of privilege. She told Woman’s Day that there’s “no doubt” her famous dad helped her.

“While he opened the doors, he’s always said that it was up to me to walk in and show everyone exactly what I’m made of,” she said.

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