Kamahl’s changing stance on The Voice: Singer’s heartbreak before current controversy

Australian singer Kamahl is back in the spotlight this week after sparking controversy with his changing stance on the Voice to parliament.

After initially pledging he would be voting “No” in the upcoming referendum due to a lack of understanding about what it actually is, the 88-year-old Malaysian-born singer publicly revealed on Friday he’d changed his mind and would now be voting “Yes.”

Kamahl cited a meeting with Indigenous comedian Dane Simpson and constitutional lawyer Eddie Synot as the reason behind his backflip.

But just two days later, Kamahl has left people scratching their heads after once again doing a 180-degree turn on his previous position, revealing on Sunday’s episode of The Project that he was back to voting “No”.

The current controversy around Kamahl’s changing stance marks a rare return to the spotlight for the iconic singer in recent years.

In 2021, he generated headlines after revealing to New Idea that he and his wife of 55 years, Sahodra, had separated months earlier.

After sharing the heartbreaking update, he appeared on A Current Affair and opened up further about the break-up, blaming himself and his addiction to social media.

“I was isolated with my computer,” he said, revealing he was spending up to five hours a day scrolling social media.

“I think she was sick and tired, I’m consumed with politics. I’m tweeting from morning to night … I’m paying a terrible price for it.”

Kamahl, who said his musical inspiration came from being “an incurable romantic”, also told the program that he had gifts waiting for his former wife, but was unsure if she’d want them.

“She might throw it back at me, but I’m going to give it to her anyway,” he said.

“She really is the wind beneath my wings. I now realise I probably wasn’t the most attentive husband.

“Fame can do that – it can distract you from what really matters. But I’m keeping everything crossed we can work through this rough patch, as she really is my everything.

“At the end of the day, I am the sinner. She is the saint.”

In his original interview with New Idea, Kamahl claimed he’d taken his estranged wife for granted.

“I think over time I took Sahodra’s graciousness for granted. In hindsight, I should have given her more hugs,” he told the publication.

Kamahl and Sahodra have two children together – son Rajan, 54, and daughter Rani, 52.

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