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  • Preparing Your Rock Garden

We’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a good while now, but have you made yourself a rock garden yet? With this garden, all of your rocks will be in one place. You can make unique designs and be able to easily hit all of your rocks without searching for them around your island.



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Such beauty doesn’t come easily, though. The process of making a rock garden is tedious, and there is no shortcut. But this guide will show you how to make a rock garden that you’ll love!

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Rock-Proofing The Island

display of mannequin placement for Animal Crossing New Horizons Rock Garden

The first step to making a rock garden is to rock-proof your island. An easy way to do this is by placing mannequins. Mannequins are infinite — you will never run out, and all you need is at least one custom pattern.

Mannequins are a 1×1 object, but rocks cannot spawn in the surrounding area. This means the nine square area around it will not have a rock spawn. Check out a few steps on how to rock-proof your island with mannequins below.

  1. To place a mannequin, head to your Nook phone design app, click on a pattern for clothing, and place it on the ground.
  2. Mannequins should be placed on your island, at least two ‘squares’ apart. If the placement is hard, you can dig holes. A mannequin should have two holes going out in all four directions. This may sound like a long process, but mannequins cover more area than ground patterns and paths.
  3. Go around your entire island and place mannequins, keeping this spacing in mind. Areas with items or stone paths don’t need mannequins.
  4. If you are unsure if a rock will spawn in an area, place a mannequin anyway, just to be cautious. It will feel like a lot of mannequins, but it will be worth it.

Alternative to Mannequins

Flower Field In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Mannequins aren’t visually appealing, even if they are on your island for a short time. Another great way to cover an area is with flowers.

  • Above, you can see a large flower field. Rocks will not spawn here because every part of the ground has either a flower or a path on it.
  • Rocks can spawn directly next to a flower, so make sure there are no gaps between flowers.
  • If you have a path going through your field, be sure it is a stone or brick material. Rocks will not spawn on this path type but can spawn on sand and dirt.

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Destroying Rocks

Example of Complete Rock Garden In Animal Crossing New Horizons
via im_biggy/Reddit

After rock-proofing your island, you need to destroy some rocks.

  • To destroy a rock, you need to have at least one stamina. You can have up to ten stamina; the icon will be displayed on your screen after you’ve eaten a piece of fruit or a meal.
  • After you’ve fed yourself, grab your shovel and smash that rock. Once it’s gone, replace it with a mannequin so no other rocks will spawn in that spot.
  • If you want to get your stamina down to zero after you’ve done all of this, you just have to sit on the toilet.

Rocks will spawn one at a time, meaning that if you destroy all six at once, you will still just get one a day. Because of this, you should only destroy one or two until you are confident that they will spawn in your garden. If the first rock immediately spawns in the garden, then you can get rid of all of them. If you destroy a rock and it spawns outside the garden, destroy it and replace it with a new mannequin.

Thanks to Katrina, it’s possible to eat one piece of fruit and smash more than one rock, or the exact opposite; you can eat more fruit and not be able to break as many rocks, depending on which fortune you receive that day.

If you visit Katrina, you can have a good or bad luck day. Getting told it’s a good luck day is great if you plan to smash all your rocks because you won’t have to consume as much fruit. We’ve written a guide that goes into greater detail regarding Fortune in Animal Crossing; you can check it out here.

You also don’t have to resort to fruit anymore. Since cooking has been added to the game, you can now prep some meals and eat them to fill your stamina faster. Each meal will fill your character’s stomach differently, depending on how many ingredients are in it and what type of ingredients.

Be sure to experiment with making hearty meals if you plan on starting your rock garden and have a day of heavy lifting.

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Preparing Your Rock Garden

Simple Rock Garden for Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you want your rocks scattered in an area, fence off a section of your island for them to spawn in. Alternatively, you can create a pattern or design with each rock in a specific place.

To line your rocks up like pictured above, you will need to prepare the area.

  1. First, create a 7×5 area, leaving squares where a rock would sit. Like mannequins, rocks need a 3×3 area to spawn in, but the area between rocks can overlap.
  2. When creating the area, use any stone or brick ground. Rocks are unable to spawn on this. However, they can spawn on sand and dirt.
  3. Above, the rocks are sitting on grass — but you can fill this in with sand or dirt for a more polished look. Be sure to fence in the area as well.
  4. If your island is properly rock-proofed, the rocks should spawn here one at a time, filling the spaces. After all the rocks are in the garden, you can change the area from stone to sand or dirt.

Now, you should have a rock garden! Decorate the area and get rid of all those mannequins. Overall, the garden should be finished in a week if you rock-proofed your island correctly. If it takes a while because you missed some areas, it’s okay! Eventually, your rocks will be where you want them.

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