How To Farm Adhesive In Starfield

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One of the more complicated but beneficial mechanics in Starfield involves crafting at workbenches. You can use these workbenches to improve your gear and make new items. To do so, you’ll need resources like adhesive, which can be hard to come buy. Luckily, the galaxy is your oyster and there are plenty of places to find the materials you need.



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Filled with hundreds of planets and choices to make, customizing your gear is crucial to experiencing Starfield in the best way. You’ll need to stock up on materials to regularly make adjustments to equipment, but you’ll find that the effort is worth it.

What Is Adhesive?

Adhesive in Starfield

Adhesive is a resource that can be collected in Starfield. Unlike other Bethesda games, it cannot be crafted from materials like rolls of vacuum tape or other miscellaneous items.

This valuable resource can be used in crafting for both weapon and armor mods. Upgrading your gear will make your travels much easier, though you’ll need to stock up on adhesive to do so.

While adhesive is somewhat rare in regular gameplay, you can find it in abundance if you know where to look.

Best Ways To Find Adhesive

Amoli the Vendor in Starfield

There are two primary ways to find adhesive in bulk: shops and greenhouses. Both allow you to collect multiple at a time and are fairly renewable sources of adhesive.

While you can find Adhesive in storage containers while looting, this isn’t guaranteed and it isn’t a reliable way to farm resources.

Buy Out Shops

You can find adhesive in shops as early as Jemison in Starfield. Simply head over to Jemison Mercantile and speak to Amoli. You can often purchase ten at a time, granting you a decent amount.

When the shops run out, you simply need to wait for them to restock. Have a seat on one of the benches outside and wait until the shops restock. Rinse and repeat to gather adhesive so long as you have the credits to do so.

If you need credits there are plenty of quests and odd jobs to complete that can help pass the time while waiting for more Adhesive to become available.

Build The Greenhouse

Sweetwater Cactus in Starfield

If you’re looking for a more affordable and long-term solution, you can create your own adhesive farm with an outpost. The perfect planet is Gagarin, where you’ll find Sweetwater Cactus.

You can use other planets, but they’ll need to be where an adhesive-bearing flora grows.

Set up an outpost on the planet, in addition to a Wind Turbine, Water Vapor Extractor, and the Greenhouse. From there, you can cultivate your own flora and harvest adhesive continually.

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