How To Beat Every Boss In The Golden Capital Stage In Sonic Superstars

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  • Sonic Superstars: Golden Capital, Act One – Piggy Bank
  • Sonic Superstars: Golden Capital, Act Two – Fang, The Hunter

As we near the closing few Stages of Sonic Superstars, the majority of the boss encounters will ramp up in difficulty, leaving only the formidable to stand in your way to prevent you from reaching the game’s end credits. However, in the Golden Capital’s case, one bottom-tier boss may be left that you can breeze through with a few tricks.



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Overall, this Stage is complex to get through with one of the most challenging encounters yet, making it par on course for one of the final four Stages in the game. Minus the Stage also having one of the easiest bosses, but that’s beside the point!

Sonic Superstars: Golden Capital, Act One – Piggy Bank

Sonic approaching the Piggy Bank boss in the Golden Capital Stage of Sonic Superstars

A Piggy Bank is kicking off the first boss encounter of the Golden Capital Stage, looking to rob you of your precious Rings and get out of town. Unfortunately for it, you can eliminate it relatively effortlessly!

Stealing Rings


Before the encounter officially begins, the Piggy Bank will steal all your Rings away with a forceful inhale via its nostrils, so you’ll die if you even receive one hit. Luckily for you, however, that’s not an option with this strategy!

The Chasedown


Once you gain control of your character, the Piggy Bank will begin chasing you to the left. Sprint in that direction to have the arena begin rotating along with you, which can be a bit disorienting at first. You don’t want to take damage here, so just keep on running!

Pig Bombs


As you begin to reach the top of the arena, which will now serve as your floor, the Piggy Bank will deploy Pig Bombs, giving you the queue to ready and activate your Avatar Chaos Emerald Ability!

Avatar Chaos Emerald Ability = Win

Activate your Avatar Chaos Emerald Ability to summon forth your sea of Clones, having them run wild on the Piggy Bank. Continue running forward until you reach the starting position, where the Piggy Bank will likely receive its final blow.

As it gets defeated, it will explode into a sea of Rings, so be sure to gather all of them before heading for the exit. But this encounter is just that simple, as it is another boss that is severely weak to the onslaught provided by this Chaos Emerald’s Ability!

Sonic Superstars: Golden Capital, Act Two – Fang, The Hunter


Fang, the Hunter, has been messing with us from the shadows this entire time, somehow being equally persistent and annoying as Doctor Robotnik, but now it’s time to put him in his place through three phases of battle within the Golden Capital Stage!

Phase One: Fireballs

As soon as this encounter opens, Fang will launch a spread of Fireballs toward you. If you time it right, you can make it underneath him before he even launches them, but it’s a tight window with the risk of losing some Rings.

Nonetheless, after he launches the Fireballs, he will stay in place briefly, enabling you to fly underneath him to jump up and attack the underbelly of his hovercraft for considerable damage!

Phase One: Lava Lasers

Next, Fang will begin firing a laser at the ceiling and ground of the arena. Wherever the laser ends, a stream of lava will start to fall down or erupt upward, so be on the lookout to get out of the way of them.

After Fang fires the last laser, he will reset his position, temporarily halting his movement again. Take this opportunity to fly underneath him again and jump up, hitting the underbelly of his vehicle for more damage!

Phase One: Flame Vents & Lavafalls

From there, you will have a brief transitional period where you can see Fang getting fitted with more weapons and gear. Here, you must avoid coming in contact with Fire Vents and Lavafalls. Just take your time and be patient here. There is no need to try and rush through these sections!

Phase Two: Laserbeams

Once you’re in the next section where Fang is attacking you, he will open things up by summoning three Laserheads in front of his ship. Simply fly to the screen’s bottom left corner, underneath Fang, and wait for him to fire the Lasers.

After he’s done firing the lasers, you can safely jump up and hit the underbelly of his hovercraft again, unleashing more damage on him!

Phase Two: Hexagon Shields

Next, Fang will surround himself with Hexagon Shields that will begin rotating around him. Jump into them while they’re blue to eliminate them, creating a sizable hole in his defenses, allowing you to land a hit a bit later.

After the Hexagon Shields rotate briefly, they will turn red, halting their movement. If you took out a sizable chunk of the Shield, you can jump through the gap you created and hit the underbelly of his vehicle yet again for even more damage!

Phase Two: Flame Vents & Lavafalls

Following this, you will be ushered into another transitional area where you must evade Flame Vents and Lavafalls again. Much like before, take your time here and be patient. Rushing through here will only make things worse!

Phase Three: Missiles


After the second transitional period, you will be greeted by Fang, who now has targetting Missiles. You can see where they will explode, so just position yourself in a sizable empty space to avoid taking damage!

Phase Three: Laserbeams

From there, Fang will fly to the far right side of the screen, follow behind him, and plant yourself in the bottom right corner directly beneath him. He will position one of his Laserheads above, below, and in front of him.

The Laser firing downward will barely miss you and will begin rotating clockwise away from you. Wait a brief moment after it begins firing, then jump into the underbelly of the vehicle to deal damage to him again!

You can also place yourself in front of the bottom-most laser here and slowly rotate ahead of it clockwise as it begins to fire. From there, after he stops shooting the laser, you can safely return underneath him and jump into the underbelly of his hovercraft to deal considerable damage. This method is safer but takes longer to achieve, but if you’re trying to get hit at all, this will be your best bet!

Phase Three: Hexagon Shields & Fireballs

Lastly, he will revert to his Hexagon Shield, this time tossing Fireballs through them to mix things up a bit. The plan is the same as before: Jump into the blue Hexagon Shields to eliminate them, creating a gap you can later jump through to hit him.

The addition of the Fireballs will make it trickier to maneuver, but remain patient and only jump after a Fireball passes by you. You can get roughly two to three jumps in before the next round of Fireballs comes out, which is more than enough for what you need.

After clearing some of the Hexagon Shields, they will turn red, halting their movement and the Fireballs, allowing you to jump through the gap you created to deal the final blow to Fang, the Hunter, concluding the Golden Capital Stage in Sonic Superstars!

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