How To Beat Every Boss In The Cyber Station Stage In Sonic Superstars

Sonic Superstars has its fair share of challenging boss encounters, and Metal Sonic is no exception, posing as the only boss in the Cyber Station Stage. This is one of the longest boss fights in the game and has many twists and turns, constantly keeping you on your toes and punishing you for making even the slightest mistake.



While undeniably daunting, this encounter is more than doable with a solid plan of attack and an understanding of the unique twist and nature of the fight. It will still be one of the more challenging battles in Sonic Superstars, but not nearly as bad as it could be.

Despite being only a two-phase fight, your battle against Metal Sonic and Robotnik will prove challenging in the first few bouts, especially with the dubious twist they have planned for you mid-way into the encounter. But, much like everything else in the Cyber Station Stage, you can overcome it with quick wits and patience!

Phase One: Lightning Orb & Death Beam

The battle starts with Robotnik chasing you down with a death beam, forcing you to run right the entire encounter, while Metal Sonic flies in front of you and launches Lightening Orbs at you.

For this section, evade the Lightning Orbs, run up to Metal Sonic, and jump into him to deal damage and have him go into his next action!

Phase One: Dash

Following that attack, Metal Sonic will launch into his Dashing attacks, having him Dash to the right, then to the left, and then ending with one more Dash to the right.

Jump over him each time he Dashes to avoid taking damage, then run toward him after his third and final Dash to jump into him, dealing even more damage!

Phase One: Laser Beams

Next, Metal Sonic will begin piloting a Flight Unit, enabling them to fire powerful Laser Beams at you. While the contact points of the Lasers are highly damaging, the actual lines drawn by the Lasers are not, meaning you can jump through them so long as you don’t touch where they end.

After evading the Lasers, Metal Sonic will fly backward toward Robotnik, run after him, and jump into his Flight Unit to deal even more damage to him!

Phase One: Laser Beams, Part Two

Metal Sonic will respond to getting hit with another round of Laser Beams, which will be handled the exact same way as before. The Lasers will be a bit more sporadic this time, so be mindful of that when jumping around, attempting to evade their contact points.

Once they finish firing their Lasers, they will fly back toward Robotnik again, giving you the queue to chase them down and jump into their Flight Unit once more to deal damage!

Phase One: Fake Out

Landing the previous hit will have Metal Sonic and Robotnik explode, letting you run up to the Stage Exit Switch, making you think you’ve defeated them. Unfortunately, pressing the button will release seven Robots, with Robotnik returning atop the head of an enormous Metal Sonic. It’s safe to say there’s still some fighting left.

Phase Two: Avatar Chaos Emerald Ability


When the second phase begins, immediately activate your Avatar Chaos Emerald Ability to score a free hit on Metal Sonic and Robotnik, fast-forwarding you to the last few parts of the encounter!

Phase Two: Laser Beam Chasedown


After landing the first hit of the second phase, Metal Sonic will fly into the background and begin firing Lasers into the foreground at you. You must continue running forward here, as the group of Robots you released are chasing you down.

Like earlier, the line drawn from the Lasers isn’t harmful to you, only the contact point, so try your best to avoid them as you’re booking it through the arena at a breakneck speed. Even that makes it sound easier than it is.

Phase Two: Destruction

Following that, Metal Sonic will fly back into the foreground and begin dragging his enormous hand forward, destroying the arena. As soon as you see him start to do this, run toward him and jump into his face to deal damage.

If you wait too long, he will take the ground out from underneath you, killing you instantly. You must hit him here, or you will have to start from the beginning of phase one again!

Phase Two: Robot Dive-Bomb

Next, Metal Sonic will begin marking your position for the Robots to Dive-Bomb you, but there is a trick you should utilize to end this section almost immediately.

After your position is marked and a Robot begins Dive-Bombing your location, move out of the way, forcing it to crash into the ground. From here, you will see the Robot slowly float upward. Run and jump into it to launch it into Metal Sonic’s face to deal damage!

Phase Two: Laser Beam Chasedown, Part Two


From here, Metal Sonic will launch back into his Laser Beam Chasedown attack again, which will be resolved the exact same way as last time.

Again, this is incredibly intense and challenging to evade. Just try not falling off the arena here more than anything, while losing your Rings will be a bummer. Dying here would be even worse!

Phase Two: Destruction, Part Two

Finally, Metal Sonic will close things up with another Destruction attack, having him drag his large hand across the arena floor, eventually taking the ground out from underneath you if you don’t react quickly enough.

The moment you see his hand begin to destroy the floor, run up to him and jump into his face to deal the finishing blow, allowing you to complete the Cyber Station Stage for real this time!

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