Funko’s Loungefly Now Has Mini Spider-Man And Loki Backpacks For Your Dog

Sometimes wearing your favorite fandom on your sleeve for everyone to see simply isn’t enough. Popping similar t-shirts on your kids and kitting your house out in stuff inspired by the series you love might not be enough either. What next step could there possibly be? There isn’t one. Well, there is now, provided you have a dog. Funko’s Loungefly has unveiled a line of dog accessories officially licensed by Marvel so your superhero love can be reflected in your pet ownership along with everything else.



There are eight items in total to kick off Loungefly’s line of dog accessories. Collars, leashes, treat bags, and best of all, miniature backpacks with harnesses attached. There are two varieties of each item, one line inspired by Spider-Man, and the other by Loki. The two Marvel series everyone is talking about right now as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is now available exclusively on PS5, and Loki’s second season is now in full swing on Disney Plus.

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All of the items in each line naturally match should you want to buy all four of them and effectively have your pup look like they’re wearing a full Marvel-inspired outfit. The Spidey backpack and treat bag are the classic red and blue, with a black Spider-Man symbol on each. The leash has the same color scheme with Spider-Man’s masked face on it, and the collar has a pawprint hanging from it with the Loungefly logo printed on the paw.

Spider-Man Cosplay Mini Backpack Dog Harness
via Funko

Spider-Man Cosplay Mini Backpack Dog Harness

Loungefly has released a line of dog accessories so your pups can represent your Marvel fandom. This Spider-Man mini backpack is classic Spidey red and blue with a Spider-Man logo, and it’s attached to a harness so your dog can comfortably wear it.

The Loki line of items has a black, green, and gold color scheme, and the backpack and treat bag even have Loki’s horns on them. The Loki leash and Loki collar are both green with the name of the anti-hero printed along them in gold. Much like the Spider-Man one, the Loki collar has the same pawprint with its logo on hanging from it. A couple of the items can be found above, while the rest of the collection can be viewed by visiting the Loungefly section of Funko’s site. None of the items are for sale yet, but the prices are listed and you can ask to be notified when they become available.

Loki Cosplay Treat Bag by loungefly
via Funko

Loki Cosplay Treat Bag

Loungefly has teamed up with Marvel to make a line of accessories for your dogs. Part of that collection is this Loki treat bag, modeled after the anti-hero’s look and perfect for transporting your pup’s treats in style. 

Spider-Man 2 is now here and if you can’t wait for Loungefly’s dog accessories to become available to celebrate that, there are other ways you can spend your hard-earned money on Spidey merch. Adidas is selling an officially licensed hoodie to match its very popular Spider-Man shoes, and Hot Toys’ $455 Venom collectible figure is up for pre-order.

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