Fortnite Season 5 Teases Confirm The Return Of Chapter 1’s Map

Teases for Chapter 4, Season 5 of Fortnite have heavily hinted that the classic map from the game’s first Chapter is going to be making its long-awaited return.



As much as Fortnite fans look forward to seeing how the game’s map changes between each chapter and season, one of the things that everyone has been asking for is the return of the game’s classic Chapter 1 map. Well, after years of asking for a way to revisit it and tons of teases from Epic along the way, it seems like we’ll be dropping like the old days in just under two weeks.

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The teases originally began with Epic confirming that the next season of Fortnite would focus on time travel, as proven by this teaser image that shows a time machine with July 12, 2018, as its destination, which is when Chapter 1, Season 5 of Fortnite began. This was already a pretty clear-cut hint that Fortnite was going back to the old days, but some more teases have only made that more obvious.

As showcased by Twitter user and Fortnite insider HYPEX, content creators have started to receive packages from Epic to celebrate the impending arrival of Fortnite’s latest season and, expectedly, they also serve as a bit tease of what’s to come. Perhaps the most obvious hint found in the package is a message that reads, “Thank you for supporting us from the beginning and for being part of Fortnite’s origins. Now you have the opportunity to start again. There’s just one question: Where we dropping?”.

The mention of being able to “start again” is obviously hinting at a return to the first chapter’s map, but it’s far from the only part of the package that makes that clear. One of the items contained in the package is a vinyl disk with Chapter 1, Season 5’s map printed on it, suggesting that’s the map that’ll be used for the upcoming season.

The vinyl disk isn’t the only part of these packages that tease a more traditional season of Fortnite. HYPEX also shared a box that was sent to Twitter user _salvatretzzo, which features the classic Fortnite logo next to a pale blue sky. It also has the caption, “Where we droppin’?”, which is all very reminiscent of Fortnite’s simpler beginnings.

Finally, the package also contains a bunch of pins that feature icons and emblems from the first five seasons of Fortnite, such as Peely, the Cubes, and one that simply says “OG”. The implication here is that Chapter 4, Season 5 might actually be revisiting several different seasons worth of content across one individual season, which would match up with this leak from HYPEX.

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