Final Fantasy 14’s New Dual-Wielding Class Is Called Viper

Dawntrail’s new class has been confirmed to be

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Square Enix has confirmed at Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival in London that the newest job coming to Dawntrail is a duel-wielding class called Viper.



Final Fantasy 14 is currently holding its latest Fan Festival in London, allowing fans of the game to meet up and celebrate the series with one another. As great as that is, the Fan Festivals are also home to a bunch of new announcements for FF14, and London is no different, as it was just revealed at a currently-ongoing keynote that the next job being added to the game is a dual-wielding class named Viper that’s completely original to Final Fantasy 14.

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During the keynote, a new trailer was showcased that showed Meteor wearing a new hooded outfit that is very pirate-esque and wielding two swords at once. As they slash away with the blades, it’s revealed that the two swords can combine in the middle to make a longer, double-sided blade.

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