Every Map, Ranked From Worst To Best

Battlefield 2042 launched with seven new maps, not included Ripple Effect’s Portal remastered maps. Most of these maps were considered subpar when the game released, so DICE has spent each season reworking them while also adding a new map to the roster. With multiple seasons now under 2042’s belt, the game now has a healthy roster of maps that play well in Conquest and Breakthrough.



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But while all of these maps have changed since launch, some of 2042’s maps are far better than others. From Hourglass to Exposure, here is every new map in Battlefield 2042 ranked from worst to best, ranking each entry based on how they play in both Conquest and Breakthrough.

Updated October 21, 2023, by Charles Burgar: Battlefield 2042 has more or less been overhauled since we originally wrote this list. Every map from the base game has been remade, multiple seasonal maps have been added, and a shift towards 64-player matches has fundamentally changed how each map is played. We’ve overhauled this tier list to reflect all vanilla map reworks, and we’ve added entries for every map added throughout 2042’s first six seasons.

This list does not include remastered maps from Battlefield Portal.

13 Kaleidoscope

Battlefield 2042 Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope was easily one of Battlefield 2042’s worst maps when it launched. Breakpoint was virtually unplayable, Conquest proved too chaotic with the lack of cover, and infantry combat was overall frustrating. This was one of the first maps that DICE reworked in 2042, yet the changes made to Kaleidoscope simply weren’t enough.

The Conquest overhaul of Kaleidoscope was nothing short of a disaster. The flat play space simply doesn’t work with Battlefield’s combined arms gameplay, and the Specialist gadgets can’t make up for the lack of cover—even after the rework added sand bags and shipping containers that fight against the clean urban feel the map was originally going for. The skyscrapers add nothing to this map either, acting as a gimmick for Conquest and a frustrating objective on Breakthrough. Overall, Kaleidoscope is a map that doesn’t excel at anything. No game mode is particularly notable here, and the reworked layout makes Kaleidoscope feel lazy and uninspired. Adding shipping containers and sand bags doesn’t fix a map with this many problems.

12 Hourglass

An helicopter flying through a sandstorm in Battlefield 2042.

Hourglass was easily the worst map in Battlefield 2042 when it released. It was more or less a barren desert with two points of interest: a cluster of skyscrapers and an abandoned stadium. DICE reworked this map to reign in Hourglass’ immense size while refocusing the Conquest experience more towards combined arms gameplay.

Unfortunately, that rework wasn’t entirely successful. DICE more or less removed the left-hand portion of the map, added a crater to C flag, and created more pockets of cover along the highway that divides the US and RU spawns. The problem is that Hourglass still encourages your team to split between the city and desert portions of the map, making Conquest matches feel empty. Vehicle users stick to the desert for easy kills with the railgun tank, while infantry users stick to the city since it’s the only play space with ample cover. Fighting for C flag on Conquest is enjoyable now, but otherwise this map plays the same as it did pre-rework.

11 Flashpoint

Battlefield 2042 Flashpoint

Flashpoint is a tricky map to rank. This map offers fundamentally different experiences depending on player count and game type. With 64 players, Flashpoint offers some of the best infantry combat encounters in 2042, allowing coordinated squads to single-handedly swing games. If you decide to play with 128 players, however, Flashpoint completely falls apart.

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Part of that is due to the layout of the map itself. Flashpoint’s layout remains the same on both 64 and 128-player servers, even though the map seems designed with 64 players in mind. This makes the map’s tight combat spaces—such as flags C and E—practically unplayable with a high player count. And if you decide to play on a 64-player server, those tight infantry combat spaces become less enjoyable due to the sheer size of the map. Flashpoint proves too large for 64-player modes, yet it becomes virtually unplayable with 128 players.

10 Manifest

Battlefield 2042 Manifest

Manifest is a clear example of how 2042’s Specialist gadgets have harmed the design of certain maps. This map’s main pain point are the cranes that line the docking bay on the southern edge of the map. Anyone playing as Mackay can easily use the Grappling Hook gadget to rappel up the cranes to snipe players from across the map.

Everyone else will face constant deaths from an abundance of vehicles on a map with little cover, particularly with the northern half of the map. Breakthrough suffers from the same issues, encouraging players to use Mackay or Falck to push through the hailstorm of bullets let out by enemy snipers and vehicles. It’s easily the worst Breakthrough map in 2042, although Manifest is a surprisingly enjoyable map on Conquest if you don’t mind playing Mackay or using vehicles.

9 Reclaimed

Battlefield 2042 Reclaimed

Reclaimed is a reimagining of Battlefield 4’s Zavod 311 map, featuring a larger overall play space and additional structures. It’s a map that’s intended for tight 64-player Breakthrough matches, and it excels in that area. Breakthrough on this map has mostly fair chokepoints and a great sense of combined arms combat.

The same cannot be said for Conquest. There’s a lack of flow for infantry players on this map, encouraging everyone to push the warehouse on C flag or the bunkers near RU spawn. This results in the US team pushing the C warehouse with vehicles more often than not, keeping RU forces in a headlock. Matches can feel heavily lopsided on this map without a good team, more so than most other 2042 maps. It’s a great map for Breakthrough, but don’t expect Reclaimed to play nicely on Conquest. This map was also made with 64 players in mind, so don’t expect 128 player variants to play well here.

8 Stranded

Battlefield 2042 Stranded

Stranded is quite similar to Discarded, featuring a large cargo vessel that serves as the central combat arena for infantry players and vehicles alike. Unlike Discarded, Stranded opts to shift the attention towards infantry combat only, featuring fewer vehicles than its older cousin. Similar to most post-launch maps made by DICE, Stranded is an excellent Breakthrough map but a middling Conquest experience.

The main issue with Stranded, at least for Conquest, is its size. The map features two flags inside the massive vessel and one flag on each corner of the map. Since these spawn next to US and RU spawns, most of the match is spent inside the ship. The map is too small for 64 players due to the verticality of this vessel, yet Stranded feels far too small for 128 players. Breakthrough fares far better here. Ignoring the meat grinder that is the first set of objectives, Breakthrough games on Stranded are quite varied and take full advantage of 2042’s unique infantry sandbox.

7 Renewal

Battlefield 2042 Wingsuit Renewal

Similar to Kaleidoscope, Renewal saw a light rework during Battlefield 2042’s earlier seasons, fleshing out the map with additional cover points and small environmental changes. Unlike Kaleidoscope, those changes have made Renewal a much more enjoyable map across the board.

Breakthrough is the real standout here. The terrain of the desert portion makes the opening objectives fun to fight and defend, while the added cover from Renewal’s rework has made the rather high vehicle density far more tolerable for infantry play. Conquest is less ideal on Renewal due to just how many vehicles are present, but this can be seen as a positive by players that prefer using vehicles over infantry combat. Fans of Battlefield’s larger, more vehicle-centric maps will feel right at home here.

6 Discarded

Battlefield 2042 Discarded

While Discarded might not have the same refined Breakthrough experience as Stranded, playing Conquest on this map is a great experience. DICE reworked this map to focus all combat around the wrecked vessel at C flag. The top half of the map was effectively removed, making it much easier for teams to coordinate on 64 and 128-player Conquest.

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Unlike Stranded, Discarded places a much larger emphasis on vehicle gameplay. The ship on this map is much more exposed and offers less cover, making it easy for tanks and helicopters to pick infantry off from a distance. Vehicles aren’t a major issue on this map thanks to smart cover placement, so the end result is a tight Conquest experience that feels fair to both the US and RU teams. Breakthrough is also solid on Discarded, although it pales in comparison to Stranded.

5 Breakaway

Battlefield 2042 Breakaway

Breakaway saw a radical rework from DICE in Season 4, transforming this map from a bloated map with too many flags to a tight 32v32 experience. Conquest saw the most love here, removing the E flag that housed the small base built solely to mimic the Damavand Peak jump from Battlefield 3. Most flags were reshuffled in intelligent ways to keep gunfights near the small cluster of buildings across from the oil rig. The 64 player Conquest variant has great combat flow and is arguably one of 2042’s better Conquest maps. It’s also not a bad Breakaway experience either, particularly once the attackers reach the oil rig.

The only major downside to Breakaway is how it plays with 128 players. Some of the map’s bloat returns in these playlist variants, notably the massive glacier on flag F2. This gives the US team a notable advantage for taking adjacent flags. The map also becomes quite chaotic with this many players, especially on Breakthrough. So long as you stick to 64 players, Breakaway is a great map for all game types.

4 Redacted

Battlefield 2042 Redacted

Redacted is the spiritual successor to Operation: Metro and Operation: Locker from previous Battlefield titles. Battlefield 2042’s maps have mostly emphasized combined arms combat with large maps and multi-flag sectors. The map roster desperately needed an infantry-only map that encouraged class synergies. Fortunately, Redacted delivers on that promise with flying colors.

Players will fight through multiple biomes in an underground facility, ranging from forested areas to concrete hallways that mimic Operation: Locker. Ample flanking routes and a surprising deal of verticality make Conquest and Breakthrough a great experience on Redacted. Specialist gadgets have a much larger impact here than on other maps, but otherwise Redacted is the closest thing Battlefield 2042 has to a classic infantry map. Considering the rest of this game’s map roster, that’s exactly what 2042 needed.

3 Spearhead

Battlefield 2042 Spearhead

Don’t let the sparse landscape fool you. Spearhead is easily one of Battlefield 2042’s best maps, featuring an excellent map layout for Conquest and Breakthrough alike. The massive cube structures on the map are separated by uneven terrain that gives infantry users cover without hindering vehicle combat too heavily. Visibility is great at all objectives, flags are reasonably placed, and vehicles have a definite place without feeling overpowered. Simply put, Spearhead is a fantastic map for a wide range of playstyles.

2 Orbital

Battlefield 2042 Orbital

Even before its rework, many fans considered Orbital to be one of 2042’s best maps. Engagements were naturally guided to the launch platforms stationed near the center of the map, leading to a more focused Conquest experience without leaving Breakthrough behind. 128-player Breakthrough was arguably too chaotic for Orbital, but that can be argued for just about every 2042 map.

After Orbital’s rework, this map is easily one of 2042’s best offerings. Infantry players have multiple routes to each objective without getting decimated by vehicles, but there are enough open choke points to make vehicles pivotal to your team’s success. It’s also the only map outside of Hourglass where the tornado hazard feels impactful. When the tornado gets near the launch platform, Conquest and Breakthrough matches turn into pure chaos in the best way possible. Orbital has everything you’d want out of a Battlefield map.

1 Exposure

Battlefield 2042 Exposure

After receiving a series of lackluster maps with 2042’s launch, few were expecting a map as good as Exposure to launch with 2042’s first season. Exposure takes players to the Rocky Mountains to fight in massive battles. The eroded mountain reveals numerous tunnels, elevators, and a massive structure that overlooks the entire map. Players can fight to take control of the mountain itself or fight in the rubble below.

The flow of this map is perfect for Conquest, giving both sides an ample supply of vehicles to take over each of the flags. Exposure’s map size is almost entirely vertical, making intelligent use of zip lines and tunnels to keep combat flowing on a map this massive. This keeps the map filled with infantry and vehicle combat for 64 and 128-player lobbies. Breakthrough isn’t as fantastic due to tight chokepoints on most of the flags, yet these meat grinder sections don’t detract from the excellent combat flow and overall aesthetic of Exposure. As far as gameplay is concerned, Exposure is the best map in Battlefield 2042.

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