Elden Ring’s Giant Land Octopus’ Need To Eat Humans To Reproduce

Elden Ring has its fair share of monsters. There are stone faces melded onto sentient boulders, wandering soldiers with marionette cages for stomachs, and forlorn wanderers with worms for faces.



Then there’s the giant land octopi. They’re a bit gross, sure, but pretty innocuous at first glance. They’re what their name says on the tin, only their tentacles wrap around them, turning them into impenetrable balls of squishy death. But if you dig through the item descriptions, you’ll quickly find that the octopi are a lot more nightmarish than first appearances would suggest.

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As highlighted in Square Table Gaming’s video, the land octopus ovary item tells us, “Land octopuses eat humans in order to bear young, and theirs is the blood that runs through these ovaries”. Not just any creature will do, they specifically eat people to reproduce. When you look at the giant land octopi, you’ll see they are infested with eggs, all of which were no doubt birthed by poor souls who walked along the beach at the wrong time.

Adding to the morbidness of these creatures is the octopus head item. Its description reads, “A land octopus whelp worn directly on the head. Has a lingering warmth reminiscent of human skin. Those who can withstand the smell will find its organic elasticity excellent for negating strikes.”

It’s not exactly human skin, just reminiscent of it, but given that we know the baby octopi we run into are the result of a larger mother octopus eating people, that line takes on a new meaning.

There aren’t many more details about the land octopi. They can drop strips of white flesh, but the item description doesn’t tell us much, only that it comes from a “bloodless creature”. However, an interesting detail is that the smaller, young octopi can drop sacramental buds, which are said to contain fresh blood. They are, “Believed to originate long ago from a strain of buds cultivated with youthful, sacramental blood.”

Millicent, stray dogs, and revenants also drop this item. We can only speculate what significance it may have, but given that the land octopi reproduce by eating humans, it may be that their blood is enough, and someone is breeding them for whatever reason.

The idea of someone out there, breeding human-hungry octopi with blood, is a little uncomfortable. I might stay away from beaches for a while.

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