Chris Hemsworth’s brilliant response to trolls

Chris Hemsworth has hit back at “cowardly” trolls, who have targeted singer Sean Millis, in an incredibly “wholesome” response online.

The actor stood up for his fellow Aussie after Millis, 22, shared a video on Instagram on Tuesday, thanking fans for his support and addressing negative comments he’s received online.

“I had the best time in the UK and it was beautiful meeting everyone. I want to say thank you so much for all the love that you’ve shown,” Millis, who has a rare genetic disorder and was a fan favourite on the 2023 season of The Voice, said in the video.

“I see the hurtful comments but I just try to ignore it and focus on the positives, never give up, keep doing what you live.”

Addressing the hate, Hemsworth implored the 22-year-old singer to disregard the “rubbish” comments and praised him for spreading positivity in a lengthy comment on the video.

“Hey mate your (sic) a champion, keep spreading the love and positive energy,” the Thor star wrote.

“Let me ask you this, how many of those people who throw hurtful comments your way have you ever met in person? I bet not many! Because most of them hide under a rock or a blocked account with all the other cowards who are afraid to ever be vulnerable and put themselves out there because they’re afraid of being rejected themselves so they attack the world before it attacks them. What a lonely existence that must be.

“Don’t even look at that rubbish mate, don’t even give them that satisfaction.”

Hemsworth went on to suggest Millis should only focus on comments from those who support him.

“The only comments you need to give value to are from people who love and support you brother and above all else your own opinion of yourself which I know from having spent time with you is one of value and gratitude.”

“Life is about contributing and sharing and being part of something bigger than any individual, it’s about community, it’s about the collective experience we all share in the brief brief brief time we exist on this planet and you my friend are doing only positive, smiling and including people in your journey with openness and compassion and warmth. And for that I commend you.”

Hemsworth said while others often talk about being brave, he prefers kindness, noting a

simple act of kindness can positively change our brains.

“Our bodies literally have a reward system in-built for being kind to others, and hey get this, the recipient of a kind act also receives a boost of oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin as does an observer of that action,” he said.

“Pretty simple formula for a happy life but man do we complicate it at times.

“You my friend are one incredibly kind soul and I thank you for that keep it up!”

The actor’s comment was met with widespread praise online, with many thanking him for supporting a fellow Aussie and standing up against hate.

“Damn Thor well said,” one person commented.

“That’s one of the most wholesome things I’ve ever read,” said another.

“Sean is a (rising) star and anyone who belittles are the ones who have self issues and try to reflect their issues onto others! Chris, you are a legend!” another wrote.

Millis suffers from Hunter syndrome, in which the body doesn’t properly break down sugar molecules.

Trolls have been known to flood the singer’s social media with mean-spirited comments, with many comparing him to Rasmus Højlund, a Manchester United striker.

Mr Millis eventually joined in on the joke, sharing videos of himself in a Manchester United jersey on TikTok and spreading positive messages to viewers.

Despite the hate, Millis has enjoyed a level of success many can only dream of.

In December, he shared a video of himself finding out his song ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ had climbed UK song charts.

“I just wanted to let you know you are number one in the UK in the Viral Charts,” Millis’ manager can be heard saying in the video.

“You are number one in the UK, number three in Ireland, number four in Denmark, number five in Norway, so congrats,” she said.

“Your joking right?” Millis exclaimed in response. “That’s incredible, that’s insane. I’ve never been first at anything.”

After enjoying success in the music scene, the singer is set to take to the big screen and will appear in an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster.

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