Best Free Multiplayer PC Games

While there might be tons of great games to play on your own on PC, you might be looking for some games that you can play with a friend (or a few). Luckily, there are just as many great co-op games for you and your friends to play without ever having to pay a cent (unless you really, really want to).



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These days, most free-to-play games are massive MMORPGs that allow you to make purchases in-game, but the good thing is that there is a surprising amount of variety to be found among those games. If you know where to look, you’ll find there are lots of great co-op games on PC.

11 Team Fortress 2

The cast of Team Fortress 2

It’s impossible to talk about this topic and not mention one of the most famous free-to-play games of all time, Team Fortress 2. A staple of Steam since the day it was available on the store, Team Fortress 2 is a great option to play with friends, or against friends.

It primarily serves as a first-person shooter with a variety of objective-based modes where you and some friends can work on the same team to decimate your enemies. The PVP may be over a decade old at this point, but the fact that it’s still relevant speaks to how much fun it is.

10 With You

With You cover

With You is a surprisingly charming little game for you to play with a close friend. Communication is key in this game, as you’ll have to work with your friend in order to overcome the various challenges that are thrown your way.

It’s far from the trickiest game around, but it is a fun way to spend time with a friend or even a loved one who may not be as into gaming as you. It’s worth a try, especially if you enjoy unique puzzle games that don’t go overboard with the difficulty.

9 Warframe

Warframe Inaros Holding Dual Toxocyst

A free game that lets you play as ancient and yet still futuristic warriors with your friends is always a great option, and that’s what you get with Warframe. Rather than getting a relatively simple experience, Warframe gives you a lot of options to choose from and gameplay to explore.

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The best part is that the game isn’t a massive pay-to-win event. Instead, if you and your friends find yourself enjoying the game, you can just put in the effort to earn most things you want. It has RPG and third-person combat mechanics, keeping each play session fresh.

8 Counter-Strike 2

Two terrorist players in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Pretty much everyone who’s been on playing on PC for any period of time has at least heard of the massive game series that is Counter-Strike. If you’re looking for some team-based shooter action, Counter-Strike 2 is definitely for you.

You are likely to have a steep learning curve if you and your friends haven’t played a Counter-Strike game before thanks to campers, but it should remain fun regardless. A lot of people do prefer the paid elements of the game, but those aren’t for everyone, so no worries if you want to keep the experience free.

7 We Were Here

We Were Here Castle

If you and a friend are looking for a fun challenge that asks the two of you to put your communication skills to the test, We Were Here is just waiting to be played. You and a friend are stuck in a castle, and it falls onto the two of you to figure out how to get out.

Don’t go thinking that the game will be simple, as even many veteran puzzle game players find themselves stumped at times. The key is being able to communicate effectively, otherwise, you may seriously struggle to get past even the simplest of tasks.

6 Apex Legends

apex legends season 18 revenant with charge rifle

If you enjoy hero-based games, Apex Legends is probably already on your radar. Luckily, you can start the hero-shooter for free on Steam, and make it a habit to play with your friends as often as possible in this fun little battle royale game.

It might be a struggle for you and a few friends to succeed as soon as you dive into the game thanks to all the heavily skilled players, but don’t let that deter you from trying it. The simple controls and easy-to-grasp hero abilities make things fair for everyone who plays.

5 Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Season of the Witch Eris Holding Acolyte's Staff

While it was a pay-to-play game at one point, Destiny 2 has since become a free-to-play experience and a solid one to choose for you and a few friends to play. There is just so much to experience in this game, that you better be prepared for all the time you’ll sink into it.

It’s a first-person shooter that offers a variety of modes to keep the game interesting. Luckily, it is a seriously fun cooperative experience, especially when you and your friends are constantly comparing gear loadouts and finding new ways to improve.

4 Overwatch 2

Illari stands regally against a backdrop of Peruvian mountains.

While everyone will have their own opinions of Overwatch 2 purely because of the drama behind the scenes, it still can be a ton of fun to play with a few friends. Pick your favorite heroes with your friends and destory the enemy team in a variety of team-based modes.

It’s nothing revolutionary, but the game is incredibly fun, and now available on just about every platform you can think of. If you don’t care about the behind-the-scenes stuff, you’ll probably find yourself enjoying running around trying out each of the surprisingly varied heroes.

3 Goose Goose Duck

goose goose duck lady duck in a greyed out vintage photo

If you like the concept of Among Us but don’t feel like paying for the game (or can’t talk your friends into buying it), you might want to consider Goose Goose Duck. It’s basically the same experience, but with ducks to replace the crew members.

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The game has gained a lot of notoriety thanks to major celebrities giving it a try, meaning that the game is incredibly accessible for casual gamers. It’s a quick experience, easy to grasp, and will result in plenty of laughs no matter who’s playing.

2 Halo Infinite

pink spartan aiming a gun in halo infinite
via 343

While it has gotten plenty of flack, Halo Infinite is still a fun experience to give a try, especially since you can play it for free. If you’ve played a Halo game, you know what you’re in for, though the game does its best to keep things fresh when possible.

If you find yourself enjoying the game with your friends and want some lore, you may be interested in giving the campaign a try, though unfortunately, that will cost you quite a bit. If you want to stick to a fun and easy multiplayer experience, it’s hard to go wrong with Halo Infinite.

1 Crab Game

Players gathered around in Crab Game's Bustling Buttons minigame

One look at Crab Game will tell you that the game is heavily based on the hit show Squid Game. While that may sound like a tricky thing to make work as a game, Crab Game is a ton of goofy fun whether with friends or on your own.

The whole point is to try to survive through a series of what seems to be simplistic minigames to be the ultimate winner. Of course, that is a lot easier said than done, but the game is still a fun and unique experience to give a try.

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