Best Board Games With Miniatures In 2023

When players discover a new board game, they look forward to the miniatures and how good they look. From small heroes to gigantic monsters, miniatures are the main attraction that fills you with various emotions as you face terrible foes or get immersed in the game world. They also allow the owner to express some of their creativity by adding their personal touch during the painting process.



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High-quality tabletop figures present a wide arrangement of details to mesmerize the eye. In some cases, the game might have a mechanic to affect the miniature physically. This list will explore the best representations of models in board games that might pique your interest and impress your friends.

Updated October 17, 2023 by Vaspaan Dastoor: Even if you’re not one for board games with miniatures, you can still appreciate the miniatures themselves. Many of them can be custom painted and used as massive dioramas of battle scenes, or can be used to recreate some of your favourite movie scenes. We’ve updated this list with a few more board games with amazing miniatures.

Warhammer 40,000 - Command Edition Starter Box

Warhammer 40,000 – Command Edition Starter Box

The never ending war.

When it comes to miniatures, Warhammer 40,000 reigns supreme. Games Workshop has put out countless sets with all sorts of units, characters and set pieces. There’s no one set that’s the best as it depends on your personal preference and what your collection needs, However, the Command Edition Starter Box is a great way to start a collection if you haven’t already.


  • Countless sets and miniatures.
  • Can be customised with your own colour scheme.
  • Highly detailed miniatures.

Warhammer 40,000 miniatures have been around for a long time. With multiple factions and sub factions, each with their unique lineup of units, the number of miniatures available to collect is almost incalculable. This is the miniature tabletop game that acts as a flagship for the genre.

Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game


Based on the Peter Jackson trilogy, Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game offers you miniatures of almost every major and minor character from the movies. Sets are broken up into major events from the movies, with the one shown here being the battle of Osgiliath. Just imagine being able to recreate the battle of Pelennor fields with the Rohirrim mustered before the charge.


  • Features almost every character and unit from the movie trilogy.
  • Iconic scenes can be recreated.
  • A dream for a Lord of the Rings fan.

Of course, the creators of the Warhammer 40K miniature games would be the ones to bring LOTR miniatures to life. Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game gives you almost every unit you can think of from the movies, along with major and minor characters too. Imagine having one of cinema’s best ever scenes on your tabletop.

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition

Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition

Most Quantity

Amass armies and fleets in vast numbers across the galaxy.

Twilight Imperium is a board game that will see players attempting to control the galaxy through negotiation, sheer force, and planning.


  • It is a complex game that rewards careful thinking and planning.
  • Bulk of figures included: Every player has a significant amount of figures to control on the board.
  • You can customize the ships to your liking as they can be painted.

  • Matches can last 6 to 12 hours.

Twilight Imperium allows you to amass huge armies as you fight for control of the galaxy, creating a force to be reckoned with. When filling the board with so many miniatures, you want them to look good and build a sense of hoarding the map as your fleet moves. The models can be customized with paint to the player’s preference, creating a color scheme identity for the entire float.

These armies are similar to the Warhammer series of board games in that they fill every corner of the table as they hover over planets in hexagon tiles. You will move your troops as you battle, trade, and enact laws with fellow players, shaking things up as turn pass by.

Marvel United Board Game

Marvel United

Best for Chibis

Assembled your team of heroes in this adorable and stylish iteration.,

$11 $13 Save $2

Marvel United is a PvE board game where players will join forces to defeat a villain and his henchmen from wreaking havoc in different locations.


  • It reinforces teamwork, which can be enjoyable as you plan strategies.
  • It’s fun to play and to spectate.
  • The figures are done carefully, highlighting the heroes’ and villains’ traits.

  • Not the most intricated figures.

In Marvel United, players join forces to defeat villains as they seek to control the board and secure areas. As the game progresses, villains will power up and use their specific caveats to defeat the heroes. The villains all have specific traits that change how the game plays every match, giving this board game a lot of replayability and keeping it fresh after multiple sessions.

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Marvel United miniatures might be smaller, but they don’t let that hold them back. These figures pack a punch when it comes to personality. Among Marvel games, few tabletops come close to the amount of precision and expression that Marvel United does. They also give the heroes a chibi-cartoon touch.

Blood Rage

Blood Rage

Best for Gory Monsters

Face the horrors of Blood Rage and guide your Viking clan.

Blood Rage is a tabletop where players will fight to guide their Viking clan to the ultimate glory.


  • It’s a board game focusing on battles and troops instead of tactics.
  • Colossal monsters that look intimidating give it a grim atmosphere.
  • Figures can be customized with great details if you approach them with originality.

  • Figures can look a bit dated in terms of design.

Blood Rage is a player-versus-player game in which you guide your clan to victories using different strategies to adapt to your opponent’s moves. The game focuses on armies and monsters, so building the optimal army will lead to victory.

Blood Rage monsters and units appear menacing due to how gritty and terrifying their miniatures look. Add to that the huge size of some of the models, and you can see the terror the warriors will face on the board. The clans all have distinctive looks that set them apart visually, such as the Bear clan hoods from the animal or the Wolf clan shields.



Best Designs

Do your best to survive both allies and foes alike in this horror board game.

Nemesis is a semi-cooperative horror tabletop in which you will collaborate and fight with other players and the aliens breaching the spaceship.


  • Aliens’ figures have detailed poses, making them look ready to jump at their prey.
  • It is a game where the unexpected will happen, making it more interesting.
  • Add your touch to the miniatures by painting them.

  • Map layout can be confusing when learning how to play.

Nemesis is a survival horror semi-cooperative game in which you will do your best to survive the terror of space and battle alien creatures. The unexpected can happen due to that not-so-fully cooperative nature, and situations can be played where you run away from an alien into a room only to see another player blow you up along with the creature.

Moving away from heroes and fantasy for a bit, Nemesis makes for some of the most original and creepy-looking alien figures. The miniatures look like they are preparing to charge at humans while others are grabbing something with their claws or even flexing postures. Pair that with the human’s small size holding their guns or preparing their tech, and it ends up in a visual that an ambush is imminent.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

Best Value

Prepare for mind tricks and battles of wits in this suspenseful board game.

$94 $100 Save $6

Rising Sun is a strategy game where players will reclaim the land from the Kami and their spiritual traditions. Be honorable or dishonorable in this battle of wits and deception.


  • It comes with figures of all types, monsters, and troops.
  • Monsters add a touch of wonder to matches with their effects and looks.
  • Suspenseful, as battles are resolved by reading your opponent’s intentions.

  • Troops and monsters are not as meaningful as other board games.

Rising Sun is a player-versus-player game in which alliances are forged, and personal agendas can lead to betrayal. In this mind game, the most crafty will execute long-term strategies. The game uses honor as a mechanic, in which the more honorable you are, you get more advantages. Acts such as betrayal can drop your honor. On the other hand, having low honor allows you to immerse yourself in the darker elements of the game and exclusive perks.

Rising Sun’s human warrior figures are a bit simple. They are solid, but where the game truly shines is in the monsters. These monsters are contested with Shinto, a unit players can have up to three. These can be placed on the battlefield as reinforcements or go pray at shrines; whoever has the most Shinto in a shrine will win it for the round, and in case of a tie, the honor system will make the highest honorable player win.

Dark Souls The Board Game

Dark Souls: The Board Game

Best Videogame Figures

Fight memorable bosses such as Ornstein and Smaug in this board game.

The Dark Souls Board Game brings the brutality of Dark Souls to tabletops. Explore the world of Dark Soul while battling against classic bosses of the series.


  • It is a game from a popular series that is guaranteed to leave an impression on players.
  • It’s a high-risk game that requires careful planning.
  • Miniatures such as Nito are impressive to look at.

  • The expansions can be expensive and are necessary to get the best miniatures.

Dark Souls has been an iconic series since its inception as a video game, and the board game similarly delivers a world devoid of hope. It satisfactorily adds the game’s mechanics into the board game, and it features high-risk gameplay where making choices will determine how brutal fights can get.

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The figures are iconic and represent the characters with astounding details. However, the true enjoyment is in the expansions, such as Tomb of Giants, which adds Nito as a miniature to the game, a design that is easy to fall in love with. A god of the undeath shrouded in mystery is an imposing miniature that will make you proud to add to your collection. Other prominent figures, such as Artorias The Abysswalker, can also be added through other expansions.

Descent Legends of the Dark

Descent: Legends of The Dark

Best Enviroments

Create multiple areas for your miniatures to transverse.

Descent: Legends of the Dark is an adventure board game in which demonic foes and dark realms await players as they explore the areas they find themselves in.


  • The environments come to life as they are unveiled on the board.
  • Excellent when it comes to world building and 3D scenarios for miniatures.
  • A complete package at a reasonable price.

  • The companion app for the game could use some improvements.

Descent: Legends of the Dark is a board game with amazing figures and environments. It’s easy to get immersed in the action as the world unfolds at the table, creating zones such as crypts or castles and the figures of creatures that inhabit these places: Reptiles, dragons, constructs, feral beasts, and more so full of style.

The miniature’s aesthetics flawlessly mix with the world, resulting in a better experience when it comes to immersion. When everything comes together on the board, it creates a cryptid and spectacular 3D environment that your miniatures will need to move in to get across the game’s different zones.

Cthulhu Death May Die

Cthulhu: Death May Die

Best Original Miniatures

Explore the horrors of Cthulhu in the dark narrative of this tabletop.

Cthulhu: Death May Die reinvents lovecraft horror by adding some innovative and grotesque miniatures to gaze upon.


  • It features incredible figures with great detail and original designs.
  • A mix of horror and mystery creates a nice blend.
  • It has multiple options when setting the game, making replayability a must.

  • Requires good painting skills to make miniatures look their best.

Noir style meets Lovecraft in Cthulhu: Death May Die. The miniatures are a love letter to any genre fan who will be fascinated by these models.

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The gallery of different Eldritch horrors is absurd and nails the aesthetic completely. Once painted, the figures will strike the presence of a powerhouse on every board they decide to present themselves upon.

Ankh Gods of Egypt

Ankh: Gods of Egypt

Best Miniatures with Details

Impress your friends and players with these highly detailed figures.

Ankh: Gods of Egypt pits players in a PvP that is complex and where one mistake in the early game can punish you for the whole match. Build your civilization and convert followers.


  • Figures that go above: They can become taller by fusing the base and have great details.
  • Monsters come in different sizes, and the bigger ones are impressive.
  • It is a complex game that rewards you for sticking to strategies and making plans.

  • It’s hard to get into for newcomers and extremely punishing.

Ankh: Gods of Egypt is a complex player versus player board game that will require learning the game’s ins and outs to emerge as the victor. While it can be challenging for newcomers to get into it thanks to it’s punishing nature, once you get the hang of it, it is a lot of fun to play as you make the best strategies and moves to ensure your success as an ancient God.

It shows that a board game can have a lot of huge and imposing miniatures. What makes them so good is not only the details in the model and how well-made they are but the fact that the gods can merge, thanks to the gameplay. While the figures themselves don’t combine altogether, they add their bases into one another, making the god taller and more imposing on the board.

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